Zeality - The Best 360 VR Video App

Zeality is a leading social engagement and network delivery platform for premium virtual reality and 360° video content.  Content creators, producers and brands are empowered by the Zeality platform to distribute and manage free or premium exclusive content, increase audience engagement and generate powerful brand activation and awareness.

Erase Child Trafficking

As ERASE is an organization dedicated entirely to the goal of erasing child trafficking from the nation, human trafficking education must be part of the process. Furthermore, the issue is far too widespread and deeply rooted to be eradicated by us alone. While we collaborate extensively with other anti-sex trafficking organizations, our most potentially effective partnership is with caring individuals all over the country.

VR Scout

VRScout began in 2014 as a passion project among friends in Los Angeles inspired by the creative possibilities of a new medium. As a means of satisfying our own curiosity, we created VRScout to shine a light on the advancements in virtual reality and the people behind them.

VRScout is now one of the world’s leading immersive media companies, reaching 100 million globally in the first half of 2016 and inspiring a community of explorers and creators through original reporting by our editorial team, video and VR content created in our LA studio, and one-of-a-kind events.



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